Tiana S. Clark: How to step into self-advocacy

Audacity– that’s what Tiana Clark lives by. She tells us about her audacity to join the air force at age 19, to continue pursuing her college degree while deployed, to interview for a corporate job that had already extended an offer to someone else, and then rewrote the job description. What values do you live by? On the show, Tiana dives into how she embodies audacity in her day-to-day life. She talks about how to overcome feelings of inferiority in male-dominated industries, how to step into self-advocacy as womxn, and even shares her tips for landing jobs over more qualified candidates. Want in? Press play to listen in to Mind The Ceiling to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose and discover the tips ceiling breakers have used to find success.

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Here’s what you’ll learn from Tiana:

– How Tiana found purpose after being orphaned at a young age

– What Tiana does to keep a high vibrational mindset

– Tiana’s tips for landing jobs over more qualified candidates

– How to overcome feelings of inferiority in male-dominated industries

– How to step into self-advocacy as women

– Her advice for dealing with phone addiction and social media

– And more…

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Season 2 of Mind the Ceiling!This season features incredibly candid conversations on making hard choices that lead to a more equitable workplace, building the world you want to live in, and jumping out of planes for justice.I am honored to have had the chance to chat with these fearless womxn on how they are charting new paths, leading organizations, and fearlessly doing it with passion and purpose.If you need to catch up on season 1, you can listen now!

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