Stacey Kinkead: How to Harness Your Inner Velvet Hammer and Become an Influential Leader

They call her the velvet hammer, although she admits that she’s lost some velvet and is a little more hammer now.

Meet Stacey Kinkead, a Technology Executive with over twenty years of experience in building companies from the ground up in e-commerce, marketplaces, mobile, and healthcare.

Her passion for helping others led her to pioneering technology solutions in healthcare, bringing us one step closer to making healthcare more efficient and accessible for everyone.

In this episode, we dive into Stacey’s entrepreneurial roots in when it was only a 3-year-old startup, her passion for tackling big, hairy, complex problems, women’s rights in the workplace, and her advice on redesigning an unnavigable career growth system for women all around the world. Listen in to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose and discover the tips ceiling breakers have used to find success.

Some key takeaways we love:

-How lending out a helping hand has shaped Stacey’s purpose in life

-Finding pathways in obstacles

-The power of self-advocating

-What Stacey believes needs to change in the healthcare system

-Dealing with inequality in the workplace takes redesigning an unnavigable system

-How bold statements can lead to bolder results

– And, why we need more female-founded startups

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Season 2 of Mind the Ceiling!This season features incredibly candid conversations on making hard choices that lead to a more equitable workplace, building the world you want to live in, and jumping out of planes for justice.I am honored to have had the chance to chat with these fearless womxn on how they are charting new paths, leading organizations, and fearlessly doing it with passion and purpose.If you need to catch up on season 1, you can listen now!

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