Nathalie Molina Niño: How do you build the world you want to live in

How do you build the world you want to live in? Not only does Nathalie Molina Niño, technologist, investor, writer, and all-around advocate, have an answer but she is taking steps to create that just world. From day one, Nathalie has been relentless in using every opportunity given to her, from brokering deals to buy her first car, which led to her first business, to using her success to advise multinational companies and foundations, influencing the global economy. On the show, Nathalie dives into how you can find success while still pushing for justice and how storytelling has been her superpower even in the tech and investing industries. Listen in to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose and discover the tips ceiling breakers have used to find success.

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Quotes We Keep In Mind

“I stopped using the word empowerment, a while ago, because it reminds me of things like when people talk about giving voice to the voiceless. No one is voiceless right? And what we need to be doing is removing the things that are silencing them.”

“My culture is a big part of where my power is.”

“You can fall into a place of complacency and just be like well that’s just how it’s always been. That’s hopelessness at work and that’s in some ways the culture that keeps people marginalized.”

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