Melanie Curtis: Advice for overcoming fear and why she took to leap to life coaching

Investment Banking? Skydiving? The only thing in common seems like risk and Melanie Curtis, Executive Director of the Women’s Skydiving Network, co-author of three books, and co-host of Trust the Journey podcast. Risk is terrifying. Like many of us, Melanie faced fears about her ability to support herself by doing the thing she loves. It was not until she quit her job and took the leap into full-time diving that she discovered her potential as a prominent skydiver and leader in the community. How she does it? In today’s episode Melanie *dives* into how she overcame impostor syndrome, how she heals herself, and how she has carved out a career path in the midst of fear. Listen in to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose to take risks!

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Quotes We Keep In Mind:
“It [Skydiving] absolutely has gotten easier. It’s not that the fear or the anxiety is gone, totally. But it absolutely gets easier with iteration.”

“I’ve continued to be relentless on anything that I want to do.”

“So when I jumped, and I landed, and I was not dead, right? It was like my brain was fundamentally altered, in the sense that not all you can do anything, but anything that I’m afraid of, or I think I can’t do, I have to at least question whether that’s true or not.”

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