Lauren Bonner: A method for making big career-altering decisions that fight for justice

She was the first female Partner at Zero Capital, a leading fintech VC firm. The face of #MeToo on Wall Street. And that’s just from the past few years of her life.  Meet Lauren Bonner, an inverter and operator, driving measurable change.

On the show, Lauren dives into how she made big career-altering decisions. But that’s not all: for any current or future entrepreneur out there, this show is meant for you. Lauren gives insight into who and what she invests in, shares her hard-earned advice for anyone launching a venture, and discusses how to build and lead successful, outperforming teams.  Want in? Press play to listen in to Mind The Ceiling to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose and discover the tips ceiling breakers have used to find success.

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Quotes We Keep In Mind


“Everybody asks lots of stupid questions. So who cares? I had teachers who would never allow me to say, this might be a stupid question. That’s what gave me the fearlessness– to always put myself out there.”

“I thought it was just absolutely off the wall crazy to go from, from nonprofit to finance… but okay, I’ll give it a shot. And so that’s how I ended up in finance.”

“How can I be useful here? Both with my time and my capital.”

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Season 2 of Mind the Ceiling!This season features incredibly candid conversations on making hard choices that lead to a more equitable workplace, building the world you want to live in, and jumping out of planes for justice.I am honored to have had the chance to chat with these fearless womxn on how they are charting new paths, leading organizations, and fearlessly doing it with passion and purpose.If you need to catch up on season 1, you can listen now!

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