Tadha Ahtone

Led by faith and a passion for helping others, Attorney, President of Jackrabbit Development LLC, Executive Director of Jackrabbit Homes Inc., and NABEDC Client and Partner Tahda Ahtone, Esq., is helping new entrepreneurs establish their businesses and achieve success.  

At a young age Tahda was inspired by community and human rights advocates like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall to do meaningful work and drive meaningful change. Motivated by the desire to make a difference in people’s lives, Tahda’s company, Jackrabbit Development, LLC, provides sustainable community building; while her non-profit program, Jackrabbit Homes, Inc., works to provide education about clean food, water and energy, as well as, economic development to Tribal communities.

Always striving to achieve more, by the time Tahda was 16 years old she was an Olympic hopeful in Fencing, but her future lied in serving others. She continued to work hard to become an attorney, provided legal aid on the Navajo Nation, and subsequently became an advocate for sustainability. Now, having built successful businesses, earning a master’s degree, a Doctorate, and  passing two bar exams, Tahda continues to work tirelessly to help others by providing services that create a long-term impact on people and communities. 




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