Deepa Iyer

How do you build movements that elevate immigrant and racial justice? Award-Winning Writer, Lawyer, Activist, and Trainer, Deepa’s personal life and career have always been about groundbreaking work, especially surrounding South Asian American communities. But Deepa’s path to purpose wasn’t simple– after jumping into the nonprofit space, pivoting to law, and then back to the nonprofit sector, on top of starting her own activist organization, Deepa has tons of life lessons about how to create lasting, impactful social change in a variety of different ways. She reflects on her drive behind her work as a response to her own struggles with race growing up, and she shares tips for other women who find themselves in a similar position on how she shifted her mindset to overcome those challenges and how she relied on her existing communities. Listen in to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose and discover the tips ceiling breakers have used to find success.

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Quotes We Keep In Mind

“Having that core community that you can trust, that you can go to when you’re feeling lonely, overwhelmed, or unsure of yourself, and that can reaffirm who you are is so important.”

“I learned what it meant to have a goal and stick with it, even when a lot of times, things were going wrong or things were crumbling or would crumble and to pick myself back up.”

“I could rise above this, and that you know it did not have to define me.”




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