Bridget Firtle: Being unapologetically yourself and launching the first female-founded NY distillery

She launched the first female-founded distillery in NYC and was the first solo female distiller in the United States. Within five years of the launch, she formed a strategic partnership with Proximo Spirits, and finally sold the company to launch mission-driven Rockaway Drinks.

Meet Bridget Firtle, a serial entrepreneur and investor in a highly male dominated industry– spirits. Even if your industry of choice is different, everyone has a lot to learn from Bridget. On the show, she talks about confidence and how she cultivated her own from an early age. Bridget also shares important tips about finances– personal and for any new business. With a hurdle-heavy path to purpose, Bridget reflects on some of the toughest personal challenges she faced in her career that have shaped her life today.  Listen in to hear how you can harness the power of your purpose and discover the tips ceiling breakers have used to find success.

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Quotes We Keep In Mind

“A lot of times you’re more smart, more prepared, and more capable than the person you’re sitting across the table from.”

“So anytime that I’m doubting myself, I’m constantly having conversations with myself. And I’ll say like, Okay, I’m not ready to make a decision on this yet, but keep talking to yourself about it. Stay calm, and you will get clarity on the decision. And then you’ll have a decision.”

“Humility is important, no matter how capable you are.”

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